What will they learn?

Curriculum Overview

ONE International School follows an adapted British Curriculum and is UK D.O.E and CIS registered but includes the teaching of Visayan and Tagalog out of respect for our location and with an understanding that children benefit, in a range of ways, from being multilingual. We chose the British curriculum as the basis for our teachings due to its emphasis on the development of the whole student as well as an understanding of a child’s learning needs. Furthermore, it supports the school’s ethos that each child has the right to be viewed as a unique individual with their own distinctive interests, talents and skills.

Pedagogy focuses on practical learning and encourages lesson delivery supporting various styles of knowledge acquisition. When these factors are considered alongside the continuity and transferability offered by a British education and British qualifications around the world, we feel that this international curriculum offers our students the best opportunities for their future.  See below for more information about specific age groups.

EYFS in ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete Philippines.

EYFS 2-5 years old

The EYFS was produced in recognition of the importance of the early years as a stage of development where education could be promoted through play to maximize children’s potential. This stage in the curriculum emphasizes child led, child focused and play based learning, where children at ONE International School cover all the subjects they will learn in Key Stage 1 and beyond but at their behest and following their own interests.

Elementary School 5-11yrs

At ONE International School Philippines, throughout all key stages of the curriculum, pupils learn, practice, combine, develop and refine a wide range of skills in their work. Some of these skills are subject specific such as painting in Art and Design, whilst others are common to several subjects (i.e. enquiry skills in Science, History and Geography), additionally, some skills are universal, for example the skills of communication, improving one’s own learning and performance, and creative thinking.

KS2 at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.

Middle School 11-14yrs

During KS2, your children at ONE International School will be introduced to the key knowledge needed to ensure that they go on to become conscientious young people who have an appreciation of the world around them and how they can contribute to it. Children’s learning is centered around exploration and pupils beginning to find their own independence, applying key skills that will help them develop into global citizens.

The Middle School at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.

High School 14-16yrs

Here at ONE international Middle School, we pride ourselves on creating a diverse and enriching KS3 curriculum which accommodates all of our students, whilst offering a relevant but modernized version of the British curriculum. We strive to push our students both socially and academically, preparing them as individuals as well as learners with their aim being to engage in fulfilling and varied courses as well as extra-curricular activities for all.

Extra curricular programs at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.

Extra Curricular Programmes at ONE International School

Extra curricular programs are beneficial for increasing proficiency in chosen areas, but children also experience increased peer interactions, practice working in a structured and challenging way, develop their co-operation skills and explore new learning that has the potential to become a lifelong passion. You can find details of ONE International School’s expanding range of out of school provision below.

ESL Summer Camp at ONE International School

ONE International School Philippines has grown so much over the last few years, and with an expanding school, we are now offering an English summer camp teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). The camp is available for all children aged from 8 to 16 years old, with our programmes designed for international learners of all abilities and taught by fully qualified, English native speaking teachers.