Why Choose ONE

ONE International School Philippines was built to fulfill the need for a quality international school,
offering provision to every family who wishes to invest in their child’s education.

British Accredited

UK Registered

Integrated British / Filipino Curriculum

Certified Educators

British and Filipino qualified teachers

Books and Facilities

Computers in every classroom
Languages taught in English, Mandarin, Visayan and Tagalog


Seamless transition to international schools
British qualifications

Creating an explosion with Coke and Mentos at ONE International School Philippines
Storms, volcanos and poems for the Eagle Rays in KS2
Storms, volcanos and poems for the Eagle Rays in KS2 The Eagle Rays have been working really hard since our last post! In Literacy we have been writing about storms, thinking about how we can use devices like similes, metaphors and personification. In maths we have been looking at a range of skills; one of [...]
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We Chose ONE International School

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