Why ONE?

For all the reasons outlined in other areas of the website – from the tropical, ocean adjacent location and fantastic facilities to the small classes and qualified, native English-speaking teachers, there is a unique educational opportunity available here.

Alongside the resources seen below we are also extremely lucky to be able to offer excellent amenities and resources as well as high teacher : student ratios.  Our ratios are further enhanced due to our diverse student and teacher populations; enabling a truly international education by providing the potential to make friends and learn from staff; all of whom offer a global perspective.

Our support for children and families for whom English is a second language is what enables this international cohort. We not only place children in appropriate classes, but we also provide ESL classes to help students to engage as fully as possible in the academic curriculum and social opportunities available to them. This clear commitment to inclusion extends to all our families as we believe that close parent and school partnerships are the key to quality educational provision.

The family feel of the school is therefore another one of its recommending features. When children begin attending at 2yrs old there is something special about the relationship between school staff and families as there are so many ‘firsts’ to go through together – speaking, toilet training, writing, reading to name but a few – and this is the strong foundation that our school community builds upon year on year. Whenever children start, and for however long their attendance, our small classes are designed to help ensure that we can live up to our motto of ‘Every Child Matters and Every Moment Counts’ and between parent forums, bi-annual parent/teacher conferences, family events, weekly teacher/parent communications and open appointment system, parents can be assured of close ties and prompt responses to their questions, concerns or ideas.

Whilst we do consider ourselves a small, family orientated school we do have high expectations both of ourselves and our pupils. Our school, its standards and its adapted curriculum are accredited by the Department of Education in the Philippines ensuring coverage and protection of same under the law of the land. To further assure parents of our commitment to delivering high quality education, we have additionally aligned ourselves with the Council of International Schools to which membership of, and accreditation by, relies on adherence to strict standards and principles relating to all aspects of the school’s policy, procedure and practice.

British Accredited

UK Registered
Integrated British / Filipino Curriculum

Certified Educators

British and Filipino qualified teachers

Books and Facilities

Computers in every classroom
Languages taught in English, Spanish, Visayan and Tagalog


Seamless transition to international schools
British qualifications


Actively engaging with our community is important to us and our students


A skill supportive playground, a sports field and access to useful resort facilities

Eco School

We support local suppliers and encourage our students to engage with the environment

Global Citizens

We see the importance of learning and having an understanding of different cultures