ONE International School Mission & Vision Statement

ONE I.S. Vision and Mission Statement

ONE International School provides high quality education for British children and English speaking children of other nationalities. Through collaboration between teachers, parents, students and the community, we aim to promote a global perspective, guiding our students to be proactive within the school community, society, their family and the world around them. Our school motto is therefore “Every child matters, every moment counts!”

ONE I.S. Core Values 


·     Respects the perspectives of others
·     Is built on strong, student, family and school partnerships
·     Ensures all members feel safe, secure, respected and valued as individuals
·     Is committed to valuing diversity by providing equality of opportunity and enacting anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families
·     Implements an adapted British Curriculum that promotes enjoyment of learning through debate, creativity, purpose and relevance,
      alongside developing intellectual independence through inquiry, authentic experience and collaboration
·     Creates Leaders of tomorrow by promoting educational experiences beyond the confines of the classroom
·     Supports the emotional, cognitive and academic growth of all students
·     Encourages students to take risks, ask questions and view mistakes as a positive element of the learning process
·     Equips all children with the tools and opportunities to be globally competent whilst continuing to honor core family values



·     Value culture and communicate confidently in any situations
·     Think critically to solve problems
·     Utilise and explore existing and new technologies to enhance their learning
·     Demonstrate curiosity, empathy and compassion for the perspectives of others
·     Accept responsibility for their own learning
·     Use every opportunity to find, develop and strive towards their aspirations
·     See themselves as global citizens with an important role to play now and in the future