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English summer camp Philippines – Why chose ESL at ONE International School?

ONE International School Philippines is a modern and progressive international school that provides children with a personalized education in a unique environment. We have grown so much over the last few years, and with an expanding site, we are now offering an English summer camp teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). The camp is available for all children aged from 8 to 16 years old, with our programmes designed for international learners of all abilities and including the following:

  • Fully qualified, English native speaking teachers
  • Balanced programming with daily opportunities for English, reading, maths, cultural enrichment and recreational activites
  • High-interest, engaging activities
  • Local excursions, including boat trips and beach trips
  • Unique location and accommodation
  • Positive interactions between kids and adults
  • A safe, structured learning environment
  • Personalised attention with high staff-to-student ratios
  • A wide variety of healthy and delicious food, provided by highly trained chefs from Atmosphere Resort
  • Physical exercise, including swimming lessons, diving and snorkelling

Our programmes focus on developing your whole child intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.  They will come away from their course with improved English, new skills, new experiences and friends as well as memories to last a lifetime. This is an unrivaled opportunity for your child to build upon their English in a stunning and inspirational environment.

Download the ONE International School ESL Summer camp booklet 2019 here.

ESL – English Summer Camp Philippines

ESL Schedule & Admissions 2019

ESL summer camps are available during ONE International School holidays and are designed for students aged between 8 and 16.  Your child will be completely immersed in the course, with the choice of either a 10 day programme or a 2 week programme which is made up of English lessons, excursions and project based learning.

  • Session 1:  8th  of July to the 19th of July or 21st of July
  • Session 2:  22nd July – to the 2nd of August or 4th of August
  • Session 3:  5th of August to the 15th of August or the 17th of August

Whilst each camp offers a two week programme, you are more than welcome to book more than one course, with discounts available for returning students, depending on the availability of places.

Summer camp students will stay on site at ONE International School in sex-separate, dormitory style rooms.  There will be a member of staff attached to each group of students, plus security staff. Lessons will be held in the school classrooms.

We will also be providing an option for day students who are staying at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa with their parents. Please email the address below for further information

For admissions, please send any inquiries to

ESL – English Summer Camp Philippines


The venue for our ESL summer camps, ONE International School Philippines, is situated on Negros Oriental Island, 21km from Dumaguete City, close to the coastal town of Dauin in barangay Maayong Tubig. Dumaguete City is a bustling University town with an airport, several hospitals, shopping malls and other conveniences close to hand. The journey from Dumaguete to the school takes approximately thirty minutes by car.

The school is built in conjunction with Atmosphere Resorts & Spa and sits on the resort’s property. This confers an additional layer of infrastructure and safety as well as allowing for access to useful resort facilities. These include; use of the swimming pools for Swim Class, production of school lunches in the 5 star restaurant, provision of yoga classes by the award winning spa’s Yogini, access to boats for island excursions, access to vans for land based excursions and added security and infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on a healthy and delicious menu, which comes from our fully trained chefs in the 5* restaurant. This is a mix of western and Asian dishes. We will have a wide variety of food available to students, including vegetarian options. Any specific dietary requirements please do let us know prior to the camp so we can plan the menu accordingly.

ESL – English Summer Camp Philippines

Rates, Inclusions and Admissions

The ONE International School ESL summer camp price is reflective of all we have to offer at the school. It is one all-inclusive payment and covers all of the costs within the camp.  Please enquire to find out our prices and any current offers we have. The price includes:

  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Excellent facilities
  • Highly trained staff
  • All resources and equipment
  • Assessments and reports
  • Access to state of the art facilities including ICT, gym and 2 swimming pools.
  • Diving course
  • Swimming lessons
  • Boat trips to Apo Island
  • Accommodation
  • Food provided from our 5* restaurant
  • Transport around the area
  • Excursions
  • Administration fees

We ask for a 10% reservation deposit with full payment 30 days before the arrival of your child.

Who is the camp for?

The camp is aimed at 8-16 year olds with English as a second language who want to learn English in a fun and unique way. They will come from all over the world to learn with our highly trained staff in our beautiful location.

We will be offering a differentiated curriculum tailored to your child’s needs. With 1 member of staff to every 4 children, we will help each child individually to improve their confidence and competence when using English.

What nationality is the camp?

We accept all nationalities and expect to have a truly international cohort of students!

Who is running the camp?

ONE International School is the camp provider and ensures its high standards are maintained during the summer programme. Our Lead Staff member is a highly-trained English native speaking teacher who will be planning a wide range of relevant and exciting lessons, with her second also being an English native speaking teacher.  In addition to these, ONE International School also provides the ESL summer camp with 4 other members of staff with fluent English and who are fully trained.


ESL – English Summer Camp Philippines


At ONE International School’s ESL English summer camps, we believe in complete immersion to learn a language. Your child will have a specially designed combination of lessons both inside and outside the classroom, which will include opportunities for: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We believe that an engaging and interesting curriculum is the best way to learn. For this reason we will be focusing on the language first, then practicing its use in the real world. Within this timetable, your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about people and places
  • Learn about and eat local and international food
  • Shop in the local market
  • Order food in restaurants
  • Dive in the world renowned diving location of Apo Island
  • Spend time down on the beach learning about the sea
  • Visit amazing natural coral reefs and waterfalls
  • Hike up a volcano
  • Swim and snorkel with turtles and other marine life
  • Learn about sustainability and ecosystems
  • Study science, technology, engineering and maths in English
  • Learn about and take part in sports on our brand new site

Many of the experiences above are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Our aim is to expand your child’s horizons with participation in these enthralling adventures, to give them a new perspective on the world as well as supporting them in advancing their knowledge of English. They will take home a book with a completion certificate, photos and diary entries, but on top of that, they will have made memories that will last forever.

What will they do on the camp?

The camp has a wide range of exciting and engaging activities planned.  Your child will be immersed in English throughout their time here, with the chance to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing during project based learning. There will also be excursions, group enterprises, team games, swimming lessons, diving or snorkeling lessons (optional but included), boat rides, beach trips, local outings around the area as well as many more incomparable prospects. ONE International School have created an elite and unique camp to expand your children’s minds and skills, offering numerous opportunities to use spoken and written English in the real world alongside and supported by our highly qualified and English native speaking teachers.

What will they learn?

The main aim of the camp is to support children in developing their understanding and use of English, and for each individual student we will be building upon their current knowledge and level. On arrival, we will assess each student, plan their lessons accordingly, and re-assess their learning progress and comfort at the end of each day.

The students will leave with improvements in their reading, writing and spoken English, receiving a certificate upon completion, a memory book with photos, and a journal containing logs and diary entries chronicling their learning journey.  A diving certificate will also be received by all children who choose this option during their time with us.

Work with ONE International School ESL

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