ONE International School Philippines is situated on Negros Oriental Island, 21km from Dumaguete City, close to the coastal town of Dauin in barangay Maayong Tubig. Dumaguete City is a bustling University town with an airport, several hospitals, shopping malls and other conveniences close to hand. The journey from Dumaguete to the school takes approximately thirty minutes by car.

The school is built in conjunction with Atmosphere Resorts and Spa and sits on the resort’s property. This confers an additional layer of infrastructure and safety as well as allowing for access to useful resort facilities. These include; use of the swimming pool for Swim Class, production of school lunches in the 5 star restaurant, and provision of Yoga Class by the award winning spa’s Yogini.

Entrance, Reception and School Bus

The EYFS, was produced in recognition of the importance of the early years as a stage of development where education could be promoted through play to maximize children’s potential. This stage in the curriculum emphasizes child led, child focused and play based learning, where children cover all the subjects they will learn in Key Stage 1 and beyond but at their behest and following their own interests.

Indoor Facilities

All our indoor classrooms have been designed by the school’s Head Teacher and are modern, open plan environments. Classroom layouts are designed to ensure children can play independently in all areas, whilst maximising supervision by staff. Furniture is also custom designed and produced with children’s comfort and engagement possibilities at the forefront of all plans. Bright colours with child accessible equipment and resources ensure these classrooms are a pleasure to both play and learn in.

We have a wide range of toys, books, and operational equipment to engage and stimulate children’s individual learning and each class has access to iPads and Mac computers to promote I.T. awareness. We also provide a well equipped kitchen which encourages development of various cooking skills.

Outdoor Facilities

To promote outdoor learning all rooms have access to a covered outdoor classroom/play area providing space for outdoor play even when the weather is wet. Down the steps from this space, a large, skill supportive playground is available. With a built in race track, colouring/mark making opportunities and large motor equipment on offer, this is a perfect area for children to practice and perfect their gross/fine motor and social skills. For activities requiring a larger area, the Sports Field is used, it’s a great space for team games, P.E. lessons and other sport related activities.

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Based at the entrance of the resort, the school is but a short walk to reach the high quality facilities offered here. Not only can the school access the previously mentioned resources (see ‘Location’) but our position also ensures close proximity to the beach and with that, use of the resort’s boats for educational activities and excursions.

For more information visit the resort website: https://atmosphereresorts.com.