Key Stage S3 – KS3 - Middle School (11-15 Years old)

Coming soon – Middle School at ONE International School Philippines

Here at ONE international Middle school we pride ourselves on creating a diverse and enriching curriculum which accommodates all of our students, whilst offering a relevant but modernised version of the English curriculum. We have a fantastic staff body, all of whom are English speaking, qualified by English accreditors and we implement our curriculum to the highest level.

We strive to push our students both socially and academically, preparing them as individuals as well as learners with their aim being to engage in fulfilling and varied courses as well as extra-curricular activities for all, including:

Group 1 – English Language and literature studies (dual award) and Tagalog

Group 2 – Humanities, PSHE and Citizenship, PBL (Economics, Religion, Geography, History)

Group 3 – Science (triple award), Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Group 4 – Mathematics, Including modules in core maths, statistics, decision and mechanics

Group 5 – The Arts and Sports, fine art, design and technology, ICT, Sport science

Extra curricular – We have a wide range of extra curricular activities on offer at our school, including scuba diving, swimming lessons, additional languages and sports.

Key Stage 3
Class Age Range Admission Age
Middle School 11 – 15 years 11 years old before September 1st

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