KS2 (7-11 years old) at ONE International School Philippines

In Key Stage 2, we teach an adapted British curriculum with international elements integrated throughout. Children’s learning is centered around exploration and pupils beginning to find their own independence, applying key skills that will help them develop into global citizens. This includes combining teacher led activities with self-discovery and team building, both inside and outside of the classroom. As we are a culturally diverse school, our ethos emphasises the importance of global citizenship throughout Key Stage 2, encompassing world matters such as environmentalism and current global affairs.

Literacy is focused around not just their writing ability, but their creativity. Using objectives set in the British curriculum, children are exposed to range of texts and how to comprehend and critique them effectively. Maths again follows the British curriculum but here at One International School we focus on problem solving skills, ensuring children are able to understand mathematical concepts but are also able to apply these effectively outside of the classroom. Science focuses on exploring and experiments, encouraging children to be active in their own learning. The Project Based Learning approach used at One International School is designed to enable the children in becoming global citizens; by studying a range of topics which are important to them and potentially impact their surroundings. Previous examples have included Climate Change and Saving the Ocean. Children lead their own learning in these projects, focusing on issues that are of interest to them.

Across all core subject areas, each child has personalised targets tailored to their needs. Our small class sizes in Key Stage 2 enable teachers to cultivate a close working relationship with the children often working on a one to one basis and truly understanding the needs of their pupils. We find these personalised core targets are best achieved when mixed with stimulating lessons that go beyond our international curriculum.

Thanks to our beautiful surroundings, we are lucky enough to spend many of our lessons learning about such matters outside, surrounded by our wonderful tropical environment.

It is this mixture of academic and creative learning that makes Key Stage 2 a splendid platform to encourage independent, creative thinkers.

Key Stage 2
Class Age Range Admission Age
Flying Foxes 7 – 9 years 7 years old before September 1st
Eagle Rays 9 – 11 years 9 years old before September 1st
Year 4/5 in ONE International School Dauin Dumaguete Philippines.
KS2 at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.

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