Key Stage 1 KS1 (5-7 years old) at ONE International School Philippines

At ONE International School Philippines, Key Stage One pupils learn, practice, combine, develop and refine a wide range of skills in their work. Some of these skills are subject specific such as reading, writing and mathematics. Additionally, some skills are universal, for example the skills of communication, improving one’s own learning and performance, and creative thinking. These skills are also embedded in the subjects of the adapted British curriculum offered and are essential to effective learning. Opportunities for learning and teaching all these skills across the key stages are identified by ONE International School Philippines when planning. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on what and how they learn, and how these skills can be applied to different subjects, different problems and real-life situations.

For the purposes of the curriculum at ONE International School Philippines, there are six designated skill areas:

  • Communication
  • Application of Number
  • Information Technology
  • Working with Others
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
  • Problem Solving

The points above are described as key skills as they help children to improve their learning and performance for not only education but also work and life. All classes are taught in English., with basic Tagalog incorporated on a weekly basis. This is in recognition of Philippine culture, as well as based on an understanding of the cognitive advantages of learning a second or third language.

Key Stage 1
Class Age Range Admission Age
Stargazers 5 – 7 years 5 years old before September 1st

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