Extra Curricular Programmes at ONE International School Philippines

Below, you can find details of our expanding range of extra curricular programmes, which brings various benefits and advantages to its participants. As well as increasing proficiency in chosen areas, children also experience increased peer interactions and practice working in a structured and challenging way. they also develop their co-operation skills and can explore new learning that has the potential to become a lifelong passion.

Extra Curricular Timetable
Class (click each for more info) Age Range Days Times
Book Club 4 years & above Mondays 8.00am - 8:45am
3 years & above Wednesdays & Fridays 8.00am - 8:30am
Skill dependent Tuesdays & Thursdays 8.00am - 8:45am
Golf 6 years & above Wednesdays 8.00am - 8:55am
Mandarin 5 years & above Wednesdays & Friday 8.00am - 8:55am
Singing Class 4 years & above Wednesdays 12:30pm - 1:30pm
(Japanese Martial Arts)
7 years & above Mondays & Thursdays 3:35pm - 4:30pm
Keyboard/Piano Lesson 5 years & above Fridays 3:35pm - 4:30pm
Football Squad 4 years & above Tuesdays 3:35pm - 4:30pm
Arts & Crafts 4 years & above Wednesdays 3:35pm - 4:30pm
Sports Club 4 years & above Wednesdays 3:35pm - 4:30pm
Mini Rugby 5 years & above Thursdays 3:35pm - 4:30pm

Our extra curricular activities are only available to pupils at the school and incur a charge. Children accessing extra curricular programmes are unable to use the school bus service as the bus is out following its normal routine for children starting at 9:00am or finishing at 3:30pm. For more information on the school bus and facilities, click here.

Book Club

ONE I.S. Book club is primarily a reading group that allows the students to discover new and exciting books alongside sharing ideas, exploring differences in opinions and finding common interests amongst their peers. Throughout the sessions, they will also contact authors and illustrators through various means, such as Skype, letters and online blogs, to name a few. Using their findings of interests and opinions of themselves and their peers, the group will have an annual aim and lead role in developing the love for reading throughout the school by carefully selecting and enhancing our whole school reading material.

Book Club


Golf is a game that is increasing in popularity with young and successful people in life. Once considered a sport for the elite, golf is now seeing resurgence with youth and the new superstars are in their early 20’s, wealthy and cool.  Golf brings a sense of community, outdoors and can be played rain or shine.  It is a game that men, women, young and old can all play together at the same time, which is why we at One International feel it is a natural fit for the school. Studies have shown that getting children learning the basics at an early stage of their life allows them to master the swing dynamics and game in their teens and twenties…

We have contracted a PGA Golf professional to teach Golf Club at One IS with the format being as follows:

BASICS – Stance, Grip and swing development.

EQUIPMENT – Balls, Clubs, Tools & terminology.

GAMES – Golf rounders, swing practice, different club games.

DEVELOPMENT – Trips to the course @Ang Ty, putting, course management.

One I.S has made a driving net, to allow your child to master the basics and take advantage at this young age of a great, outdoors, fun sport…have you got the next Tiger!!!, lets find out….

Extra Curricular Golf at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.
Extra Curricular Golf at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.
Extra Curricular Golf at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.
Extra Curricular Golf at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.

Singing Class

ONE I.S. singing class will be run by our Middle School Music and Keyboard Teacher – Mr. Keith, during the students lunchtime break. In the 30minutes, the students will develop their knowledge of the various types of singing as well as having a go themselves. The students will then put these skills to good use and have fun working collaboratively, to put together a short performance, with the aim to present during our school events.

X-Factor eat your heart out!

Arts & Crafts

The Arts and crafts session will allow the students to express themselves in both group and individual projects, which will be exhibited around the school grounds. The activities will promote: fine/gross motor skills, visual processing and creative skills with some of the products being up for grabs at our school events.

Sports Club

Sports club runs once a week and is designed with the aim to develop healthy physical habits and encourage the children to explore new sports. Through engagement in physical activity, the students have the opportunity to enhance their skills in: leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, responsibility, self-discipline and initiative, all of which are intrinsic to becoming a good sportsperson.

(Japanese Martial Arts)

Kyokushin (極真) is a style of stand up karate, founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama and is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard work. Kyokushin training consists of three main elements: technique, forms, and sparring. These are sometimes referred to as the three “K’s” after the Japanese words for them: kihon (basics), kata (Imaginary forms of Fight), and kumite (sparring).

The Kyokushin classes at ONE I.S. will be run by Ms. Jeanith Adlawan who comes highly recommended and is qualified as a 1st Dan Black Belt. Her focus elements for the program will initially entail teaching the students self-discipline and development of their stance, kicks and punches, before progressing onto the more advanced skills.

Martial Art
Martial Art
Martial Art

Keyboard/Piano Lesson

Our ONE I.S. keyboard lessons will be based upon standard piano instruction from a teacher with more than 10 yrs of teaching experience, using both the British and Filipino music curriculum. Mr. Keith will provide the students with the opportunity to experience the first-hand playing of the Electric Piano, as well as lots of fun exploring its many functions. The students will listen, create and play familiar tunes, whilst enhancing their musical knowledge of beat & rhythm, crescendo vs. decrescendo, andante, legato, and their meaning. The students will be introduced and familiarized with the music notes A through G and will hopefully develop friendships, teamwork and cooperation skills when playing duets, trios, and quartets.


Mini Rugby

Rugby is a team sport that we at ONE I.S. believe has not only significant health benefits, but also encourages the children to develop fundamental social skills, such as tolerance, leadership, concentration, determination and, of course, how to deal with success and defeat graciously. It is a physically demanding sport that requires an understanding of how to play safely, therefore we at ONE I.S. strive to provide a positive, safe and enjoyable environment whereby ALL players can reach their full potential whilst having fun with their teammates and coaches.