Established in 2011 as a preschool, ONE (Oriental NEgros) International School was so named not only for its location, but also for its vision. ONE signifies a unity of purpose, and exemplifies how the school and its attending families feel as they work together towards ONE goal, that of maximising our child(ren)’s potential in both academic and personal fields to enable them in becoming educated, independent and flexible adults in today’s fast moving, globalised society. To achieve this goal takes a community, and the school enables this by working as ONE with its local and international friends and partners in both the academic and business fields to further enhance its contribution and curricula. Our name also embodies our school motto, ‘Every Child Matters and Every Moment Counts’ as we work hard to apply this belief to every single ONE of our pupils.

This belief can be seen in action as we have approximately 15 student nationalities represented in the school, and we provide support for every one of these students in accessing the curriculum by providing ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons for any child who does not have English as their primary mode of communication. In this way, children are accommodated and supported to access a curriculum and language that provides a high degree of transferability. Having such a diverse student population offers your child the chance to build friendships that will span the globe and encourages a view of the world as full of exciting cultures and potential friends – an unrivalled opportunity to enhance their potential global competence and awareness.

Year 1 at ONE International School in Dauin Dumaguete in the Philippines.


Your child will be taught and challenged by highly qualified teachers hailing mainly from the United Kingdom and United States. Our United States and Filipino qualified teachers undergo enhanced mentoring in relevant curriculum and delivery requirements to ensure educational standards are consistently maintained. Additionally, all of our support staff members go through a UK accredited NVQ3 level qualification (equivalent to 2 UK A-levels) relevant to their posts which again ensures that their input enables and educates your child in line with our school’s high standards.

As well as offering a vision delivered by high quality teachers and with access to exceptional facilities, we consider our school to be a community. Every school department communicates regularly with parents/carers in recognition of the importance of family engagement in maximizing the potential of this unique educational opportunity. Children are also encouraged to undertake projects in the wider community, increasing their understanding of not only themselves as members of the school community, but also their roles in the broader sense as members of the local community and their ability to affect change.

Overall, we aim high at ONE International and expect our students to do the same. With all of the above in mind, please take your time looking through the rest of the website and use the ‘Contact Us’ tab if you have any further questions.